Creighton expands by implosion


By Ariana Tajdini

The implosion of the Burt Tower will pave the way for Creighton University’s new student apartment complex.

The tower, located at 700 N. 20th St., fell to the ground at 10 a.m. Sunday. The complex is part of a multi-million dollar expansion project to improve college life for future students of the university.

The demolition project was awarded to Anderson Excavating and Wrecking company of Omaha. The implosion was sub-contracted to the Maryland-based Controlled Demolition, Inc. These two companies have worked together on other projects, both in Omaha and other cities.

Burt Tower had to be prepped for the implosion for nearly 90 days by removing asbestos and ensuring proper drilling of structural supports for the placement of explosive charges.

The charges consisted of 65.5 pounds of dynamite placed in 262 locations on four floors. The charges were detonated with timed delays to ensure the proper collapse of the internal structure.

The chance to detonate the dynamite charges was raffled to Misti Gilkey, a Creighton student. She was cheered on by about 750 spectators. Students have been looking forward to the building’s removal for some time now, labeling it a public eyesore.