Concert at local venue captivates audiences

Photo Courtesy of The Gateway
Photo Courtesy of The Gateway

Kaylee Pierce

The Waiting Room brought in three bands to give Omaha a show. With those three bands, the Waiting Room came alive and brought the crowd to it’s breaking point.

One of openers, Oquoa had decent music if one could get past the extremely loud body-vibrating volume and overbearing base.

Oquoa showed off their edgy side with their raw and sometimes head banging music. They had a feel to them as they performed on stage and it was obvious that the audience was at their fingertips the whole performance.

Oquoa stayed on stage for a decent chunk of time but I found myself mildly impressed with their overall performance. Unfortunately, they didn’t stand out to me and I became less interested in them as their set went on and their music got lost in a heavy, almost overrated base. Despite this, Oquoa did have me wanting to hear more without an overbearing bass beating down on them.

After Oquoa went off, another opener, Feels, came on. They instantly captured my attention. With
their band being three-fourths girls, my interest was immediately peaked, and it stayed that way throughout their full performance. Feels, led by Laena Geronimo, danced their way through their performance and kept the place wanting more.

Feels had a fantastic rock sound to them and they gave one brilliant performance. Feels started off with a couple of good songs but their punch filled song, “small talk” took their performance to the next peg. Feels got the place rocking and didn’t let it go until they walked off. It was a performance that won’t be forgotten.

Then there was the much anticipated headliner, Ty Segall and the Muggers. One word for their performance: success. I came to this concert having never hear of them and walked away practically begging for more of their out-of-this-world music and entrancing show. They brought the place to a breaking point and drove the concert home as a complete success.

With the baby doll mask he wore onstage, Ty Segall dominated from the beginning. With what is considered an indie-rock tone, Segall and “The Muggers” entertained audiences with screaming songs like “Candy Man”. They had a raw energy to them that came out when they were playing that made their performance just that much greater.

Ty Segall and the Muggers stole the show and walked away with Omaha wanting more of them. Their performance was off the charts with energy, charisma and sheer power. They were the highlight of the night and their performance was an edge everyone wanted.