Clubhouse renovations improve housing experience

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Cassie Wade

University of Nebraska at Omaha students living in University Village on Dodge campus will notice several changes to their clubhouse this year.

According to Matt Nelson, the Associate Director of Residence Life, construction on the University Village Clubhouse started in the beginning of May and is set to be completed in October.

Nelson said the main goal of the clubhouse renovations is to increase the space available for students to use, since it is their “main gathering place.”

“The project is really based on the desire to improve the student experience,” Nelson said. “As a student-centered department, we saw a need for a larger space for our students and we took action. We are hopeful our residents will appreciate the new space.”

The clubhouse will still feature a wide variety of services available to students, including students’ mailboxes and a front desk staffed by residential assistants and housing staff, where students can go to make payments, pick up packages and check out vacuums and sports balls.

Washers and dryers are also housed in the clubhouse for residents to do their laundry, and according to Nelson, have been updated during the expansion to include more machines, which is something many students are looking forward to, including junior pre-nursing major Myrka Gonzalez.

“I think it’s a good thing they added more machines,” Gonzalez said. “That way we have more people doing laundry and getting done faster. Since UNO is getting bigger, it’s good they are expanding and making new renovations on campus as well as in the dorms.”

Nelson said several other areas of the club-house will also be expanded.

“Some of the biggest differences residents will see include a larger main lounge area nearly double the size [of the original], brand new furniture and two group study rooms,” Nelson said.

Nelson said having a larger lounge area in the clubhouse to host events, such as Residence Hall Council meetings, will be beneficial.

“Many of our events are so popular that we quickly fill up the clubhouse lounge,” Nelson said. “We knew it was time to think about expanding the space to give our students more room to connect with one another, hang out and study.”

Unfortunately, students will not have access to the renovated lounge area right away, which will impact where events can be held in University Village at the start of the year.

“Housing events for University Village will be outside, in RA apartments or in other campus spaces, such as the Maverick Village Clubhouse,” Nelson said. “The RAs and the Residence Hall Council will get to be creative in their event planning for the next few months … thankfully, the wait will be well worth it.”

According to Nelson, an event will be held to celebrate the clubhouse renovation once the project is closer to completion.