Club Feature: Film Analysis and Appreciation


McKenzy Parsons

Walking through the front doors to see friendly faces selling tickets. The building smells of nachos and buttered popcorn. People are coming to be scared, sing along, laugh or cry. There is excitement in the air. You look around to see posters and trailers of the latest upcoming movies. You sit in the big comfy chairs, and the movie begins.

The Film Analysis and Appreciation Club on campus watches movies to appreciate the art of film making.

Simon Ristow, the club’s president, said the club watches movies of all genres, but those movies have to be “high-quality films.” Meaning that they may not be just for entertainment. The movies have to have some meaning behind them. He said if a movie is both meaningful and entertaining, then the group will discuss what made the movie “successful” as well as “well-made.”

Maddy Goss, a student in the group, said that during Oscar season they try to watch all the Oscar nominees.

Robert Barie, another member of the club, said they have watched critically acclaimed movies such as The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, and Baby Driver.

Ristow said that this year they have watched The Goodfellas.

“September is our specialty month, where we will be watching atypical genres of movies, such as a documentary, a foreign film, and an animated film,” Ristow said.

Next week they are going to watch Dear Zachary: A Letter to His Son About His Father, directed by Kurt Kuenne.

After the group watches a movie together, they discuss what they saw–they analyze the film. “I would say it’s somewhat similar to a book club,” Goss said.

Ristow said last year the movies were polled from the executive board and then voted on by the members of the group, but this year the club is letting the executive board choose the movies.

Barie’s favorite thing about the club is, “the conversation surrounding the movies as well as the movies themselves.”

“The group of people we have in the club lend a lot of new ideas and perspectives about movies,” Barie said.

“Personally, my favorite thing to do is talk about good movies,” Ristow said. “This club gives me the chance to hear new perspectives on films I love and films I’ve seen for the first time.”

“My favorite thing about the club would have to be discovering that there are more, and better movies than just rom coms,” Goss said. “I didn’t realize all the movies there are, that I wouldn’t have been interested in without film club.”

The Film Analysis and Appreciation Club meets every Tuesday from 8 p.m. – 11 p.m. in the library theatre room to watch and discuss the movies.

“If there is a new movie we are seeing, we will meet at Aksarben Theater for $5 movie Tuesdays for a showtime around 8 p.m.,” Ristow said.

There are a number of ways to get involved with the Film Analysis and Appreciation Club. Students can come to the weekly meetings, or they can join the club through Engage. Barie said students can also join through MavSync or by contacting Simon Ristow.