Classic Disney movies heading to campus


By Jenae Haman, Contributor

Let’s take a trip back to 1999.  Every month, a new Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) premiered and instantly became a classic tale for elementary school students.  While these movies were the talk of the playground, in recent years they have become hard to find.  
Luckily for UNO students, classics like “Smart House,” “The Color of Friendship” and “Brink!” are coming to campus, thanks to Maverick Productions.  
The student-run organization is looking to provide your DCOM fix with a Disney Channel Movie Series this semester. “Smart House” will kick off the series Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Milo Bail Student Center Ballroom.
In case your memory fails you, “Smart House” is an exciting story of the Cooper family and their digitized home. The house can cook and clean, but when it acquires strong emotions for the family, things get a bit messy.
Spearheading the series are board members Caroline Higgins and Kaleigh Duffy.  Both students agreed the movie selections were easy to make.
“Our generation grew up with these Disney Channel Original movies,” Duffy says, “[We expect] when students view these they laugh and remember the days of their childhood.”
For the ultimate movie watching experience, students are encouraged to bring blankets to lie on or bring their favorite childhood candy to fully immerse in the reminiscing.
“Students can lounge around on the floor with their favorite pillow and blanket. It’s going to be very laid back,” Higgins shared.
Like most Maverick Productions events, the screenings are free to all UNO students.  As an added bonus, free popcorn and water will also be provided.
February’s featured DCOM will be “The Color of Friendship.” This endearing movie follows Mahree, a Caucasian South African, as she travels to Washington D.C. in a foreign exchange program.  The African-American family is surprised with their guest’s race when she arrives and vice versa.  Meanwhile a South African liberator is killed, sparking protests worldwide. The two young students work to overcome controversy as their friendship develops.
Finally in March, “Brink!” will round out the series. Andy “Brink” Brinker and the “Soul-Skaters” aim to enjoy their favorite sport while classmates pull them into an intense competition. To compliment the sports mania of March Madness, this rollerblading classic is full of action scenes and passionate athletes.
From January to March, students can look forward to the screenings as a nice break from class.  All three movies are guaranteed to drum up nostalgia for many.
“It’ll be nice to have a little blast from the past,” Higgins added.
While Disney movies are expected to be a crowd favorite, Duffy and Higgins are already planning for future semesters. No finite plans are made; however, classic eighties or hall of fame sports movies are options for a fall series.
For more information on the movie series or future events, students can contact or “like” Maverick Productions on Facebook.