City and Colour set to play at the Slowdown


By Krystal Sidzyik, Senior Staff Writer

Canadian acoustic  folk singer Dallas Green, also known as City and Colour, is set to play the Slowdown Nov. 13 at 8 p.m. Advanced tickets are $22 and day-of-show tickets are $25.

City and Colour is Green’s recording alias. It is derived from his own name: Dallas, a city, and Green, a color.

Green, for the most part, is a one-man band. His talents range from vocals, guitar, banjo, harmonica, drums and percussion. Green occasionally tours with backing musicians who also can be found on his albums.

Green first began releasing songs over the internet for fans to download in 2005 until his first album, “Sometimes,” was picked up by Vagrant Records in 2009 and was re-released in the United States so fans could purchase a physical copy. Green also released his second studio album, “Bring Me Your Love,” in 2008. Three years later, Green released his latest album, “Little Hell,” in June.

According to Green’s website, the album “delves deeper into the folk, blues, and even soul influences that surfaced on its predecessor thanks to the gorgeously-executed instrumentation and honest essence of Green’s voice.”  This album is also unique in the fact that it was recorded and mixed on tape, which Green says only adds to its signature sound.

Fans attending Green’s Nov. 13 performance can expect a superb and unique experience. Dallas does not disappoint. Green is a phenomenal singer and songwriter. His voice soars live just as it does recorded. Green is a versatile performer that demands the attention of his audience without asking. Small venues, such as the Slowdown, create a unique and personal experience between performer and fan, so this show is one not to miss.

City and Colour will be accompanied by two opening acts, Hacienda and Daniel Romano. Hacienda is a four-man band from San Antonio, Texas. According to the band’s website, Hacienda is a  “Mexican-American quartet that blends a raw yet sophisticated style of pop music with harmonies reminiscent of the Beatles and Beach Boys.”

Daniel Romano, initially a band member of Attack in Black, recently branched out from the band to pursue a solo career. Romano released his second album in April of this year. Romano’s sound is a mix of folk and country. He is a low key musician who will add to the intimate experience that fans can expect Nov. 13.