Bellevue Berry Farm provides fear, fun for whole family to enjoy

This Halloween you may be looking for a haunted house to get a great scare. Maybe you are looking for pumpkins to carve up and set out on your porch. Perhaps you just want to have a party or a bonfire and tell ghost stories. You could try and decide on doing one of these, or you could do all three, maybe even more.

Crime Log

Hastings triplets attending UNO, living in Scott Village

They say good things come in threes. Hastings, Neb., has brought UNO the Horton Triplets. Looking around campus, you might come across one or even all of them.Jaimie, Jade and Jeni Horton decided on attending UNO because it stood out compared to the other schools they had considered.

Armor for Sleep’s Ben Jorgensen on new album

Ben Jorgensen is the lead singer and guitarist for Armor for Sleep, an alternative rock band hailing from New Jersey.Armor for Sleep came to Omaha on Sept. 8, performing with The Academy Is., Sherwood and The Rocket Summer at Sokol Auditorium. Armor for Sleep's third album, Smile for Them, hit stores today.

Enrollment up for fourth year in row

LINCOLN - For the fourth consecutive year, the University of Nebraska has seen a total enrollment growth, including growth on all four major university campuses. The university's 2008 headcount - 47,803 students - is the highest count since 1996."It's good news for the University of Nebraska," NU President James B.

Professor opts for ‘crowdsourcing’ over traditional grading

DURHAM, N.C. - In one English class this fall, Duke students will grade themselves.That's the idea behind Cathy Davidson's "This is Your Brain on the Internet" course, an exploration of thought in the rapidly changing age of digital technology."Do all the work, you get an A," she writes on a blog explaining her course.

Street addresses on campus for emergency responders

While mailing addresses will remain the same, buildings on UNO's Dodge Street campus will soon be labeled with street addresses in an effort to assist emergency personnel and make the campus easier to navigate.By the time summer sessions roll around, each building will be assigned a street address and sign.