Some things just can’t be measured

Chemistry is a funny thing. It can't be forced or bought. Sometimes it takes years to develop and other times mere months. It can make or break a season. Look at the Dallas Cowboys and the San Diego Chargers. They have top-five talent but bottom-five chemistry.

Seven Days of Service has large volunteer turnout over break

Instead of traveling to warmer climates during spring break to work on their tans, many students decided to stay home and spend their time working on their environment.The Service Learning Academy's seventh annual Seven Days of Service project began on March 14 and concluded Saturday.


Let's run away forever and never returnWe'll let the contradiction of others die and burn.We'll keep our love and let it growHand in hand, we won't let go.The challenges that await us do not scareThe force of our bond and love that we share.Though miles keep us physically apartWe'll be fine because we have each other's heart.