Aspiring to self actualization made easier with support

Holly Byers is an English and creative writing freshman. She suffers from a disability that has made her deaf.There are so many inspiring and uplifting books at the library. I just finished Don't Leave Me This Way: Or When I Get Back on My Feet You'll Be Sorry by Julia Fox Garrison, which was both funny and inspiring.

Comic book art on display in Criss Library

Crash! Boom! Kapow! For many people, comics have provided countless hours of entertainment with vivid landscapes and colorful characters. Some people become so enthralled with the form that they themselves contribute to the medium. "A Selection from Comics, Heroes and American Visual Culture," now on display at UNO's Criss Library, is just the exhibit for those people.


“The Shape of Water” takes a new angle on monster movies

Will Patterson A&E EDITOR “The Shape of Water” was finally released nationwide last December after months of private film festival screenings and select theater screenings. Guillermo...