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After 63 storied years, the UNO wrestling program has said its final goodbyes.

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Former members of the UNO wrestling program are close to finalizing plans to start a new wrestling program at Maryville University, a Division II school located in suburban St. Louis, according to former head coach Mike Denney.

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UNO's wrestlers ended the program on a high note, capturing the program's seventh Division II title.

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It seems the UNO Wrestling team may be resurrected after all, this time in suburban St. Louis.

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Nearly 500 hundred people gathered Sunday for a rally at Sapp Fieldhouse to show support for the UNO Wrestling Program, which is in jeopardy of being eliminated.

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The UNO Wrestling team won the battle but may have lost the war, capturing a third consecutive national championship just hours before learning the program is poised to be permanently cut.

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Institutions don't last long without solid foundations.

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Murderer's Row," head coach Mike Denney called them.