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Union for Contemporary Arts photos by Jonathan Ramirez featuring future Maverick Joselyne Pastenes.

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Shudi Peng CONTRIBUTOR University of Nebraska President Hank Bounds has openly discussed the state’s current budget challenges. While administrators work through managing budget reductions, students are...

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The National Council of Negro Women presented the "Black Girl Magic" fashion show Friday, featuring four local designers and a meet-and-greet with them. The...

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Shudi Peng CONTRIBUTOR Now that President Donald J. Trump has been sworn into office, we were curious to know what University of Nebraska at Omaha students...

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Elizabeth Stevens CONTRIBUTOR Mayoral Candidate Heath Mello spoke at the University of Nebraska at Omaha Thursday to share his vision for, what he calls, the Omaha...

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Photography Courtesy of Arthur Nguyen Instagram @insta.nguyen

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By Shudi Peng Contributor The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Study Abroad Program is popular among students who want to experience cultural diversity and visit different...

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Jared Kennedy EDITOR IN CHIEF Hundreds gathered in downtown Omaha this evening to protest yesterday’s election results. Chants like “not my president,” and “stand up fight...