Tech Talk

How times have changed. The past two years have seen exponential growth in the tablet market, with Google's Nexus and Samsung's Galaxy tablets now presenting a serious challenge to Apple's dominance.

Beauty shouldn’t come from a knife

Halloween is less than a week away now. Every time I turn on the TV, a ghost hunting show or a horror movie is on. All the haunted houses are hitting their strides, and spooky costumes and decorations greet me every time I walk into a department store.

Faculty Q&A with Jeremy Johnson of the Art Department

By Kamrin Baker ONLINE REPORTER Not only a pro assistant professor but a pro art advocate, Dr. Jeremy Johnson of the University of Nebraska at Omaha...

Time to capitalize on the University’s momentum

Nations and regions are recognizing that to compete successfully in the 21st-century global economy, they must increase educational attainment levels. This is true in China, India and Brazil, as well as in the U.S. and Nebraska.

Trump’s immigration policy a threat to Salvadorans

Jessica Wade OPINION EDITOR Upward of 200,000 people who have built lives in the United States may be forced to return to a country they have...

Life in Omaha everything and nothing exchange student imagined it would be

Studying in the U.S. seemed like on impossible dream to me. I thought I never would visit it. It was in my imagination to come. The dream that I wanted is now real. Arriving here, I met people and that was a good thing for me. The most attractive thing to me is the culture, such as how people deal with you, what behavior Americans don't like, and what popular foods are. I have seen in America all these things.

Ghost of Omaha Past: City moves closer to destroying another historical landmark

Jessica Wade CONTRIBUTOR The Christian Specht Building sits at 1110 Douglas Street in downtown Omaha. Built in 1884 with its iconic Italian Renaissance Revival style and...

Technology infringes on students’ sleep

It's 2010. We live in an era congested with Facebook, instant text messaging and on-demand Internet. I know many students spend more class time checking their friend's Facebook wall or watching "The Office" on than paying attention to their professors. In a technologically-savvy world, this trend is only increasing.