Poor college students no more: tips to save money as a student

Eating ramen noodles four years in a row may be reality for some students, but you can still find ways to have fun on a dollar. No, the dollar isn't worth very much these days, but that's a whole other story.

Crossing the final “Border”

The corporate heads of Borders recently announced they're filing for bankruptcy and all their stores will be closing.

The attributes of Ratemyprofessor.com

Every semester we're stuck doing teacher evaluations, but students have taken it upon ourselves to create our own system.

The campus runway: what to wear to class

You may not see a spotlight or photographers snapping shots at every turn, but sometimes a college campus can feel more like a runway than anything else you've been through.

Hacking scandal exposes corruption in Murdoch’s empire

It seems ironic--or perhaps just poetic justice--that a man like Rupert Murdoch, who has made his fortune printing sensationalist stories, is now the headline.

Dorm Decisions: must haves for on-campus living

A college freshman has been living on campus for just a few days. Sheepishly, she walks to her car and drives to Target. This is her fifth trip in the last two days, and as she trudges into the big-box retailer, she wishes someone had told her about all the things she'd actually need.

That freshman was me last year. I can't tell you how many tiny shopping trips I took, but here's hoping I can help save you a few.

Ethnicity (checking a box) vs. race (being boxed in)

Often, people fail to understand the distinction between ethnicity and race, or they fail to recognize a line exists between them at all.  Supposing that these two terms can be blurred together to coexist as synonymous concepts is a dangerous assumption.

Don’t burden students for debt

If you don't think you have a stake in this debt ceiling debate, then you had better start paying attention.