When to let it rip or keep it zipped

Life is full of decisions. Should I wear socks with these sandals? (The answer is always no.) Will going to see The Smurfs immediately decrease my I.Q.? (The answer is emphatically yes.) These are some of the more easily dealt with quandaries that will arise.

Some Trends This Season Will Surprise

Every year going back to school ignites that need to impress. It could be that fresh-start feeling that comes with a new year. Maybe it's inspired by that dream everyone has where they show up to class wearing absolutely nothing. Whatever the reason, everyone wants to make an awesome first impression. To help you stay trendy this fall, here are some fads popping up around the metro.

The Textbook Debate

Every year, just before school starts, I have a small panic attack. Not because the summer's ending nor because I'm back for another year of higher education.

Which way to do what?

As college students, where can one find good entertainment around this Midwestern metropolis? Considering your options from campus, there are two directions you can go: East or West.

UNO clubs help students get involved

UNO's large campus and enrollment of 14,000 students  can be intimidating to freshmen. That's a lot more than a typical high school graduating class. So how does a student meet new people and get involved? Join a club or organization!

Warren Buffet is right

Nobility obligates.  That was the message last week in a New York Times op-ed piece written by Berkshire-Hathaway CEO and billionaire Warren Buffett, wherein he called on Congress to raise taxes on the super-rich. 

Blackboard 9.1

On May 9, UNO's much anticipated upgrade to Blackboard 9.1 debuted live on the Internet. Instructors integrated the latest version of the online software into summer courses with only a few reported glitches.

Solving the parking puzzle

The first few weeks of parking on campus are an unavoidable nightmare. If you want a spot, you better haul your butt down to campus before 8 a.m. or you can forget about it. Every semester begins that way. Then, gradually, parking problems die down.