The Worst Idea Ever

The military retirement system is under attack. Budget cutters and penny pinchers in Washington have directed the Pentagon to reduce costs, and one of the best retirement plans available in America is facing the ax.

Letter from the Editor

Greetings, UNO students, faculty, alumni and all other Gateway readers. Welcome to a brand-new year on campus! Taking over as Editor-in-Chief of the Gateway this fall has been a fresh and exciting start to my sophomore year of college.


If you're reading this, you're engaging in an activity that has entertained, informed and enlightened humans for almost as long as we've been walking on Earth. I'm talking about reading, of course. It's one of the oldest forms of communication in the world (second only to the spoken word) and nearly every culture on Earth does it.

What kind of services does UNO offer?

As an incoming UNO student, it's easy to get lost in all the services UNO offers its students.

‘You’re stuck in a metaphor’ with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are two of the most effortlessly funny people working today and in their new film, "The Trip," they prove why.

Popular eReaders offer seperate strengths for students

Over the last six months, the eReader market has been bursting with new products. Despite having so many choices, the Barnes and Noble Nook and the Amazon Kindle are still the most popular among consumers. The two companies have been fiercely trying to top the other, slashing prices and releasing newer models. Amidst all the cutthroat competition, it's hard to tell which eReader comes out on top.

When to let it rip or keep it zipped

Life is full of decisions. Should I wear socks with these sandals? (The answer is always no.) Will going to see The Smurfs immediately decrease my I.Q.? (The answer is emphatically yes.) These are some of the more easily dealt with quandaries that will arise.

Some Trends This Season Will Surprise

Every year going back to school ignites that need to impress. It could be that fresh-start feeling that comes with a new year. Maybe it's inspired by that dream everyone has where they show up to class wearing absolutely nothing. Whatever the reason, everyone wants to make an awesome first impression. To help you stay trendy this fall, here are some fads popping up around the metro.