Three Days – Day 2

I visited every shop in town and came up empty. The owners that didn't lock the door when they saw me coming just shook their heads and told me to leave.  People in the streets looked at me strange and crossed to the other side, ducked into shops, or just hurried their step as they passed.  By evening I got the hint.

Pile of Dirt

I'm riding my bike down Two Parks Trail, as I have done countless times since it was mapped out and paved in 1996, the same year they installed a heater in the town pool.  I was in first grade. 

A Note (2)

An Ending

I draw in a breath. My lungs fill. I smother the instinct to release, strain, chest aching, wanting to hold it in forever. My eyes involuntarily close with the effort.

The Sun Waves

Steve Jobs’ resignation signals end of an era

Some of my earliest memories about a computer involve sitting in my grade school library in front of the old school Apple computer.

No justice, no sweets

This summer about 400 foreign exchange students from countries including China, Nigeria and the Ukraine came to our country on a summer cultural exchange work visa program. They wanted to practice their English, earn some money and learn more about what life is like in the United States.

What happened to them should be a national embarrassment. The students were put to work in a Pennsylvania plant that packages and ships Hershey's chocolates.

New policy adds more hassle to UNO parking situation

The beginning of a semester is always hectic. Dropouts haven't been weeded out yet, so there's a surplus of people on a bustling campus. Needless to say, it's awfully tough getting around the university area this time of year.