The Replacement

I break two teeth falling out of the mirror. Hit my face on a sink, fall to the floor, swallow blood.

It hurts. I welcome the pain. It reminds me I'm real again.

Imagining the catfish

Imagining the catfish,

bloated, floating at the brim.


How many on hand to wrench

it from the murk?  Two? Three?


Each struggling to gather a portion

of the colossal mass, swearing and


hauling the thing out, plop-

-ping it on tile, wiping their hands.


The cold, lifeless fish (as cold in life

as in death) splayed on the floor.


But maybe it just one.  Staring

Into the empty (as empty in life as in


death) eyes and feeling strangely

pleased.  The parabolic mouth


smiling, the whiskers dangling,

tickling her exposed flesh.  


And she laughs, and for god knows why feels:

sometimes a catfish is more than a catfish,

And sometimes death is more than

even death can imagine itself to be.

Occupy Wall Street and tea party share common ground

The Occupy Wall Street movement will enter its 40th day this week, but as these momentous history-making protests continue, I can't help but notice the obvious parallels between OWS and the Tea Party Protests that began in 2009. 

Ignore WBC and maybe they’ll go away

It seems the professional agitators from the infamous Westboro Baptist Church have won another round.  The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Thursday, Oct. 20, that a Nebraska law, intended to keep protesters 500 feet away from funeral locations, is unconstitutional.

Lying about military service is not free speech

Should it be illegal to lie about one's military service? 

A non-traditional perspective

I've been married, currently hold a few jobs, have been financially independent for some time, and am 29 years old. I don't fit the stereotype of the average college student, but as our economic climate shifts, so must our perspective.

Atlas Awakes

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."  - Mahatma Gandhi

In mid-September, hundreds of people gathered in New York City to protest corporate greed and its pervasive corruption of the American economy and political system.

‘Making a ding in the universe:’ Saying goodbye to a visionary

It's startling to reflect back on people who have changed our world. Henry Ford made the automobile available to everyday people. Thomas Edison gave us moving pictures and the light bulb.