Victory on all sides

Another election has come and gone. Once again, in our biannual celebration of democracy and

freedom, the American people have gone to the polls and exercised their rights to choose their

representatives, mayors, governors and senators. Across the nation, millions of people went to

their respective voting booths and voted to either throw the bums out or let them stay.

Now what?

Night in Elmwood: Dangers of off-campus parking

By Kelly Langin, Contributor For many University of Nebraska at Omaha students, Elmwood Park is a campus gem which is easily accessible from both Dodge...
Ismael Mendoza’s truck was totaled Monday after hitting a semi

With all other metro schools closed, UNO student crashes into semi on way to...

Jessica Wade OPINION EDITOR The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s cancellation policy states, “The safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff is...

Organization offers anything but peace

Peace Corps volunteers are mostly optimistic young people who want to make a change in the world.  But some volunteers who wanted to change lives overseas have returned home with their lives changed for the worse.

Clinton conference call: glorified ad

Melanie Buer OPINION EDITOR In what could be considered a glorified campaign ad, Hillary Clinton took a conference call with millennial supporters on college campuses across...

Nebraska citizens to vote on death penalty: Repeal should stay in place

Phil Brown SENIOR STAFF WRITER Last year, when the Nebraska State Legislature repealed the use of the death penalty, overriding Governor Ricketts’ veto and achieving bipartisan...

Confessions of a Math Lab TA

By Kamrin Baker ONLINE REPORTER It all starts on syllabus day of freshman year algebra. The teacher tells students they have a required amount of weekly...

Social media and the Trayvon Martin case

A violent struggle, cries for help and a single gunshot that split the night at the Retreat at Twin Lakes community and ended the life of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.