Breaking News!

The front page of, and the breaking news from the Omaha World-Herald Saturday was that Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy made 2,300 phone calls to four women. I read the article, looking for some indication why I should care that he called these women, and after reading the entire article, that question was never answered.
However, I do know exactly how many phone calls he made during what time frames to different women. I now know more about Mr. Sheehy's phone bill than I know about my own.

Voter ID law: A solution in search of a problem

On Jan. 12, a controversial bill that would require prospective voters  to show ID before exercising their right to vote, was shelved in the Nebraska state legislature.  LB 239 was originally proposed by State Senator Charlie Janssen, who is best known for pushing harsh anti-immigrant laws in Fremont.  Sadly, it is one of many similar bills sweeping state legislatures across the nation and is part of a trend that shows little sign of stopping.

News in the New Year

Greetings, fellow students, and welcome to 2012.  I'm sure we all have a lot on our plates this semester, but before you all dive into the hubbub of classes and studies, I'd like to offer a quick recap of the noteworthy news items that may have escaped your attention during the Holiday break.  As usual, while we were away, the world kept spinning and things kept happening.

“We will always love you”

Musical legend Whitney Houston, merely 48 years old, passed away this past Saturday.  Internationally known for her singing talents she will be remembered as a powerhouse in music history, and her influence on the industry will remain strong even after her passing.

Questionable science

I should preface this whole article with two statements. First, I don't like zoos. Never have, probably never will. Second, I have a theory that might not be very sound and has never been scientifically tested.

Candy of the South

Two white brothers and an Indian friend,

Three heads above the alligator-green water

Of the Atlantic Ocean.

Blue Ivy Carter: Why do Beyonce and Jay-Z hate you?

When I was a kid, I hated my name. Like most people I found it ugly and inconvenient. No one could pronounce it; no one could spell it. Add in my last name and it sounded like some twisted German mind game. I grew up though and realized my name wasn't all that bad. It was actually kind of unique and pretty.