Vampire State

I pushed against the manhole cover and felt cold winter air on my face.  The street above was dark; I took a second to make sure it was safe, and shoving the cover aside, climbed out and pulled Laura up from the sewer.

The marriage and divorce divide

After only 72 days, celebutante Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from basketball star Kris Humphries. In a recent AP article, Kardashian said, "when you know so deep in your heart that you just have to listen to your intuition, and follow your heart, there's no right or wrong thing to do." The shockingly brief marriage is not unique in our society, but it does represent the lack of value people place on marriage today.

Advice from an aging senior

I've been a senior for more semesters than I'd like to divulge in print. But with my extended college career comes a wealth of experience and advice to share. Take note, apply these carefully chosen anecdotes and my wise, if occasionally facetious, words of advice to however many semesters you have left here at UNO. 

Tex Arcana (Part 2–Chinatown)

San Francisco was wet, noisy, crowded and smelled like salt air and fish.  And it was cold.  My canvas duster was better at keeping the sun off than keeping body heat in.  Worse, the city was heavy in water magic.  No matter where I went I felt its wet blanket weight dragging me down.   I get my power from earth and air, not water. 

Which way to do what?

As college students, where can one find good entertainment around this Midwestern metropolis? Considering your options from campus, there are two directions you can go: East or West.

‘Making a ding in the universe:’ Saying goodbye to a visionary

It's startling to reflect back on people who have changed our world. Henry Ford made the automobile available to everyday people. Thomas Edison gave us moving pictures and the light bulb.