Brown grass this morning,

Green and lush this afternoon.

Time to mow, dammit.


In defense of hipsters

The epithet "hipster" is flung around a lot, but no one seems able to define what a hipster is. Is it someone who dresses oddly, drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon and loves music most people have never heard of? Then we've got hundreds, possibly over a thousand of these characters (myself included) careering around Omaha, all going to record stores and fist-bumping one another.

No surprises at the 83rd Academy Awards

The Super Bowl for movie fans kicked off Sunday night with the 83rd Acadamy Awards. Producers attempted to enliven the show by hiring young, hip actors Anne Hathaway and James Franco to host.

Wolves of wall street: ConAgra inflitrated by activist investors

Phil Brown SENIOR STAFF WRITER Last year, Nebraskans around the state were dismayed with the news that ConAgra, an Omaha institution for nearly a century, would...

Challenged books show the controversy in American society

Jessica Wade OPINION EDITOR Let children read; it will make them better people. According to research conducted by The New School in New York, exposing children...

Poor college students no more: tips to save money as a student

Eating ramen noodles four years in a row may be reality for some students, but you can still find ways to have fun on a dollar. No, the dollar isn't worth very much these days, but that's a whole other story.

The social tool of “political correctness”

Madeline Miller SENIOR REPORTER In an increasingly divided world, words and terminologies have never been more important. Time moves quickly and language evolves in ways people...

‘The Gateway’ tells the stories of our student-athletes and our coaches

Next Tuesday there will be an issue on the ballot for student government elections to allow funding to "The Gateway" through student fees.  This is a measure that appears on the ballot every year.