Tech Talk

How times have changed. The past two years have seen exponential growth in the tablet market, with Google's Nexus and Samsung's Galaxy tablets now presenting a serious challenge to Apple's dominance.


Americans have been granted great power in the form of freedom of speech.  We call it a right, but it's not one enjoyed by most throughout the world, so that makes it extremely powerful when we exercise it.

Warren Buffet is right

Nobility obligates.  That was the message last week in a New York Times op-ed piece written by Berkshire-Hathaway CEO and billionaire Warren Buffett, wherein he called on Congress to raise taxes on the super-rich. 

Tex Arcana (Part 2–Chinatown)

San Francisco was wet, noisy, crowded and smelled like salt air and fish.  And it was cold.  My canvas duster was better at keeping the sun off than keeping body heat in.  Worse, the city was heavy in water magic.  No matter where I went I felt its wet blanket weight dragging me down.   I get my power from earth and air, not water. 

My humble mug of tea

Perched upon the weathered pine desk

is my humble mug of tea. Earthy, pungent mint

permeates the stale air, refreshing

my fatigued eyes as dusk settles

in for the evening on my puckered brow.


Tips and tricks to navigating the murky waters of UNO’s social circles

Impossible parking, attacks by LARPers and the imminent threat of walking into the wrong classroom. These things come to mind when a student imagines the first week of classes.
Fortunately, I am willing to give a few of my key survival tips to ensure social and academic success.

What’s so bad about a little understanding?

Anyone who follows politics knows it's not a nice business. It's also a continuously shifting beast where public interests change, new concerns are formed and politicians change their attitudes and policies to fit those new concerns.