What happened to professionalism?

So continues the evaluation of social media's presence in news media.

Hipster culture causes a stir on campus


The hipster subculture can be defined as both a scapegoat for anything that people hate and an upper-middle class rebellion against insincere corporate individualism.

To beard or Not to Beard?

There are many scholars who debate who the best and worst presidents were in American history. Maybe their foreign policy decisions were disasters, or perhaps it was an economic misstep at home. As a self-labeled promising thinker, partnered with an old friend with a degree in history, we analyzed our presidents with a new variable: facial hair.

When you were young

The jukebox turned over to "The Love you save today may be your own," and Edie couldn't help the smile that passed over her lips.

Social media and the Trayvon Martin case

A violent struggle, cries for help and a single gunshot that split the night at the Retreat at Twin Lakes community and ended the life of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Advice from an aging senior

I've been a senior for more semesters than I'd like to divulge in print. But with my extended college career comes a wealth of experience and advice to share. Take note, apply these carefully chosen anecdotes and my wise, if occasionally facetious, words of advice to however many semesters you have left here at UNO. 

Conversations aren’t the best (Part II)

"But God, he started it…"

Which to Bury?

I blinked.

"Come again?"

Christy glared at me, as if I was asking her to regurgitate the muffin she'd just swallowed.