Trump to cut National Monuments

Madeline Miller SENIOR REPORTER In a time of increasing environmental destruction, a move from President Donald Trump has decreased the protected land around two national monuments. Proponents...

Safe ride program at UNO unlikely

Like many ideas, the concept of designated drivers sounds good in theory, but the execution is often flawed.  I was out one Saturday night, and my friend and designated driver had just left with someone and I was stuck thinking, "Now how am I going to get home?"

Mary Poppins is pure magic

Mary Poppins: The Broadway Musical" is pure magic. I've loved the movie since I was five, and the stage production exceeded even my highest expectations.

Losing the future

In a column I wrote last July titled "Education is the key to the future." I commented on the financial problems faced by states and municipalities and the measures local governments were taking to clean up their fiscal houses.  Among the options being considered at the time were cuts to education spending from elementary to higher education.

GOP Bad Idea Factory keeps chugging along

It must be a real challenge being a Republican lawmaker these days.  Not only do you have to find increasingly creative ways to explain your opposition to positions you once supported; you simultaneously have to keep coming up with ideas that are even worse than the last ones your colleagues just promulgated.  The race to the bottom is never won.

The unavoidable pains of classroom hunger

By Noelle Ashley, Contributor The “always-on” mentality is a common pain which most, if not all, college students are familiar with. Between the struggle of graduating on time,...

The Replacement

My face hits something hard as I fall out from the mirror.  There's a sickening crack and blood and bits of teeth fill my mouth, and I almost pass out from shock.  I welcome the pain.  It reminds me I'm real again.
Dim orange light reveals a row of toilet stalls.  Guttural whisperings echo from the mirror.
"You've lost him."
"It doesn't matter."
"He was our best."
"We'll replace him."
I shrink back against the wall, become one with the shadows under the sink.  Whatever their words, I know they'll come for me.  They always do.