What kind of services does UNO offer?

As an incoming UNO student, it's easy to get lost in all the services UNO offers its students.


At the Republican National Convention, thousands of conservative voters were treated to the absurd spectacle of an old man talking to a chair for twelve minutes.

GOP Bad Idea Factory keeps chugging along

It must be a real challenge being a Republican lawmaker these days.  Not only do you have to find increasingly creative ways to explain your opposition to positions you once supported; you simultaneously have to keep coming up with ideas that are even worse than the last ones your colleagues just promulgated.  The race to the bottom is never won.

Technology a major distraction for students on campus

I have compiled a Top 5 list of things to avoid out of common courtesy.

Community Engagement Center new intrical part of UNO’s mission

Though the child in me is happy with being able to watch a structure being created, my more adult-self was initially not pleased with the edition of the Community Engagement Center.

Three Days – Day 2

I visited every shop in town and came up empty. The owners that didn't lock the door when they saw me coming just shook their heads and told me to leave.  People in the streets looked at me strange and crossed to the other side, ducked into shops, or just hurried their step as they passed.  By evening I got the hint.

We found positive energy in a hopeless place

After a stressful internal debate, I decided to leave my underwear on. Mindy came into my dimly lit room as soft music played in...

The cost of textbooks

Textbooks are a major cost for every college student. We have many options to procure the necessary texts including the internet, trading with our peers, and the campus bookstore. However, several colleges around the country are beginning to offer textbooks and course materials completely free of charge and online.