Harold and Baxter

There is an airport. Not a very well known or famous airport, but an airport nonetheless. It has a couple runways and a few planes--infernal flying machines. Let's presume this airport is in Iowa. Des Moines, Iowa--in fact--is where this airport resides. That sounds like a fine place for an airport to call home. An airport needs a good home, much like a child or fichus. 

U.S. needs to take stronger action on North Korean humanitarian issues

With recent North Korean nuclear advances, the U.S. has joined the United Nations in enforcing stricter sanctions on the totalitarian state. However, greater economic action must be taken by the U.S. to address the serious humanitarian crises that affect North Korea and the rest of the world.

Winter weather woes justify flexible attendance policy

Winter weather headlines conjure a grim collage of dangerous moments on Omaha's glacial highways. And yet, despite the hazards, school isn't canceled every time the roads become impassible, and you're expected to show up.

Point Blank

UNO clubs help students get involved

UNO's large campus and enrollment of 14,000 students  can be intimidating to freshmen. That's a lot more than a typical high school graduating class. So how does a student meet new people and get involved? Join a club or organization!

Dudley’s Pizza and Tavern offers a fresh slice of college-friendly fare

Written by Richard Larson As the last remaining vacancies are filling in, Aksarben Village has already had a tenant replaced. Dudley’s Pizza & Tavern is now...

Sports Editor looks forward to becoming editor-in-chief

Please, take a moment to plug your nose while I throw a few clichés your way. Like anyone says in times of reflections, ‘where...

Solving the parking puzzle

The first few weeks of parking on campus are an unavoidable nightmare. If you want a spot, you better haul your butt down to campus before 8 a.m. or you can forget about it. Every semester begins that way. Then, gradually, parking problems die down.