In early October, a 14-year old Pakistani girl, Malala Yousufzai, was targeted for assassination by the Taliban.  Her crime? She just wanted to go to school.  And outspoken advocate for girls' education, she was accused of "promoting western thinking" and marked for death by the infamous fanatics.  She was shot twice, once in the head and once in the neck.  Two other girls were injured in the attack.

Obama’s strategy in 2012? ‘Anyone but Obama!’

The Gallup daily tracking poll has been tracking the political leanings of U.S. citizens since the 2008 election, and has come up with some interesting results.  Since 2008, the percentage of people who call themselves conservative has increased by 2% while people who call themselves liberal has decreased by 1%. 

Get whole foods without spending a whole paycheck: weighing the options

By Samantha Sack, Contributor An array of students come to the University of Nebraska at Omaha with an unrealistic expectation that monumental college experiences are...

Point Blank

So, that happened.
On Friday, in total non-defiance of both recent history and national expectations, Congress failed to come to an agreement to avert the latest unnecessary self-inflicted wound on the nation in the form of the so-called sequester.

Baxter’s Community Ice: Dedicated community rink a godsend for casual skaters

Phil Brown OPINION EDITOR Forget the President, and the nationally-publicized speech that attracted thousands of enthusiastic viewers. Forget the nationally-ranked hockey team playing below last season’s...

Is marriage going out of style for millennials?

Marriage rates are steadily declining and forecasting firm Demographic Intelligences suggests it'll continue as millennials choose to opt out of traditional relationships. According to the Pew...

Is this seat saved? Students find it difficult to locate study space in ASH

By Richard Larson, Opinion Editor If you have ever had class in Arts and Sciences Hall, then you have probably observed a lack of study-friendly...