Parking – Enough of the PR-safe “solutions,” as you park in your reserved stalls

By Richard Larson, Opinion Editor Ruffling feathers is a talent I’ve never been proud of, but it often brings a surge of realism to the voice of my...

The 5 most overrated things people say you need for college

For years, your life was pretty much taken care of by mom, dad or some caring person in your life. Well, most of that is...

Germany’s controversy over fake news

Jessica Wade OPINION EDITOR The internet is an amazing, powerful thing, a tool for information to spread and for ideas to evolve and be shared. Unfortunately, the...

Protect the right to choose

Madeline Miller STAFF REPORTER No one wants an abortion. It is a simple fact. No one wakes up the day of their procedure excited to get...

Snow-maggedon, again

With every major storm, there is some sort of emergency to alert the masses. With winter storm Q, it was just the same. Why the hysteria for a storm that has been known about for days or even over a week? We heard the severe intensity of the storm, how massive it was going to be, what supplies were needed. It was like we never experienced a storm before. Some might have bought into the hype a little too much, preparing to be snowed in and running to the store and stocking up on survival supplies.

Tech Talk

How times have changed. The past two years have seen exponential growth in the tablet market, with Google's Nexus and Samsung's Galaxy tablets now presenting a serious challenge to Apple's dominance.

Finally, some common sense when it comes to gun control

President Barack Obama has finally done it. He has confronted the National Rifle Association's bullying machine. Whether or not his words spoken during his gun violence speech last Wednesday will be met with congressional action, President Obama has accomplished something great.

Ethnicity (checking a box) vs. race (being boxed in)

Often, people fail to understand the distinction between ethnicity and race, or they fail to recognize a line exists between them at all.  Supposing that these two terms can be blurred together to coexist as synonymous concepts is a dangerous assumption.