The end of empires

In 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down, the world celebrated the birth of a new order. For nearly 70 years, the Soviet Union dominated half of Europe and spread the ideology of totalitarian communism throughout the world. Its empire extended across the world, influencing governments through its military and diplomatic power in Africa, Asia and Central America.

Let the children trick-or-treat

Will Patterson A&E EDITOR Each year, the Halloween season brings about the yearly discussion of child safety — particularly the topic of trick-or-treating. An increasingly debated topic...

What I learned from college application essays

Melanie Buer OPINION EDITOR How great was your college application essay? Was it the slam-dunk, Harvard-worthy piece of prose that you hoped it would be? Or...

Tobacco ban unnecessary, an overstep

By Kaitlin Vickers Contributor According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 2,500,000 people have died due to second hand smoke since 1964. This number...

Professor puts philosophy in practice with Alumni Association

Janice Rech volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House among others.

E-readers: the next step in literary love affairs

Books are wonderful things. There is nothing more exciting than getting a new book and hearing the spine crack for the first time while thumbing through the crisp, sharp pages. They come in all different shapes and sizes: small and thick or short and slim. They add color to any room and say something about who you are.

Valentine’s Day means more than Hallmark, candy and flowers

As a hopeless romantic, I think Valentine's Day is a very exciting time of year.  It may be  my favorite holiday.

Letter to the Editor

In response to "Nebraska needs harsher DUI laws,"  from March 8, 2011