The end of “Aksarben Royalty” is long overdue

Jessica Wade OPINION EDITOR A tradition that is better left in the past, officials of the Aksarben Foundation have announced that there will no longer be...

Male-dominated sports need women’s divisions

Joel Northrup trained long and hard for the Iowa state championship in Des Moines. His record was 35-4 and his opponent was a freshman girl, Cassy Herkelman. The homeschooled Northrup decided to forfeit, stating it was inappropriate to wrestle a woman.

Exxon Mobil isn’t above the law

Megan Wade ADVERTISING MANAGER In her New York Times article, “Exxon will pay $2.5 million for pollution at Gulf Coast Plants,” Lisa Friedman describes what the...

Why is President Barack Obama favored by people of color?

By Ciara Watson Contributor Some people wonder why minorities feel so moved by President Obama. Many people say, “Well he is just loved by Blacks and...

Benefits of books without batteries

I can't say I've never been tempted by one of those cutting-edge e-readers. I suppose I'm just old-fashioned. I prefer my books on paper and without batteries or chargers.

Star-city parade

With the airy whisper of "I'm going to follow Mom," my pink, mittened hand slips out of my dad's loose grip, and I dart away, absorbed into the mass of bodies clustered on the downtown sidewalk.

Mass incarceration is a direct result of institutionalized privilege

Mass incarceration is a term many young Americans are either unfamiliar with or recognize simply as a component of the culture of poverty in the United States.

Misguided bill would come at expense of campus safety

By Phil Brown OPINION EDITOR The lurid bombshell published in the Rolling Stone last year alleging a rape that occurred two years previously on the University...