Who runs the world?

Beyonce is a liar. She asked in her song, "who runs the world?" She wants you to think that the answer is girls. But l know the truth. Beyonce runs the world, and I am totally fine with it.

Panini panic: Sandwich hiatus sparks concern among students

By Richard Larson, Opinion Editor There is nothing quite like trekking through the library on a chilly day for a warm sandwich. Yes, I am...

SB 1070 steals presidential election spotlight

With national attention focused on the upcoming presidential election, it is difficult for anyone other than Barack Obama or Mitt Romney to win media coverage. That has changed, at least since last week, as the Supreme Court shares in some of the lime light. Before recessing for the summer, the Court handed down rulings on several important matters. The two most anticipated and controversial rulings came last Monday and Thursday, when the Supreme Court ruled on the Arizona immigration law SB 1070 and the Affordable Care Act, respectively.

Letter to the Editor: ‘Embrace this special time in your lives’

Oct. 10, 2015 First, I want to compliment the staff on an outstanding Oct. 6 issue of the Gateway. As a former Gateway editor and...

Keep your money secure

Another holiday season is here, and for most of us that means one thing - shopping.  Spending endless hours in traffic, driving all over town and sometimes to other cities, looking for the best deals on the perfect gifts for relatives we haven't talked to all year.  

If you're a typical shopper, you'll probably be relying on a credit card or debit card to make most of your purchases.  They're fast, convenient and easy to use.  But, they're also easy and lucrative targets for thieves. 

It’s time for Ricketts to stand with students – not the NRA

Jessica Wade OPINION EDITOR Nine days after 17 people, many of them minors, were killed while attending a south Florida high school, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts...

American Idol: White House edition

When we live in a society where more people would rather vote for the "American Idol" than the American President, we should expect to be given just that choice.

UNO not immune to racism, but handles issues well

By Ciara Watson CONTRIBUTOR On Nov. 8 2015, the president of the University of Missouri resigned. In the months prior to his resignation, students who attended...