In wake of Baltimore, Omaha must exorcise its own demons

By Phil Brown, Reporter Nebraska is now the second most dangerous place in America to be black.    For a white student in a safe campus, it’s easy to forget...

Efforts to achieve gender equality overshadowed by campus phallus

***All stories published in this week’s Gateway are satirical and should be treated as such. None of the stories printed are factual and do not...

What it’s like having class during the summer

1. You have to wake up early when everyone else is still asleep/on vacation   2. The campus seems like it's completely deserted...   3. ...but somehow the...

Climate change shouldn’t be a domestic political issue

By Phil Brown OPINION EDITOR Earlier this year, the global levels of CO2 rose to 400 ppm. While the number is somewhat arbitrary, the milestone is a...

Be careful who you snub

While few may pay attention to what goes on in Nebraska's legislature, fairly big news was announced just the other week in the Omaha World-Herald. State senator Scott Lautenbaugh of Omaha was picked up for a DUI. His blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit, and he accepted full responsibility for what he had done.
A year ago, this story wouldn't have bothered me a whole lot. I mean, politicians behaving badly is a nightly reality show we call the news. However, this incident reminded me of that little saying: "What goes around, comes around."
Let me tell you the story.

Star-city parade

With the airy whisper of "I'm going to follow Mom," my pink, mittened hand slips out of my dad's loose grip, and I dart away, absorbed into the mass of bodies clustered on the downtown sidewalk.

A Hollywood legend courts controversy in a commercial

It's not often that people get into a heated political debate because of a Super Bowl commercial.

Last year we had the now-infamous Tim Tebow, anti-abortion ad that aired before the Super Bowl in 2010. This year, that honor was given to an 82-year-old man and a car company trying to fight its way back from the edge.

A streetcar would move Omaha forward

Zachary Mulrenin CONTRIBUTOR Earlier this year, Amazon announced that they were seeking a location for a second headquarters. Among their preferences for the host city were...