The Replacement

I break two teeth falling out of the mirror. Hit my face on a sink, fall to the floor, swallow blood.

It hurts. I welcome the pain. It reminds me I'm real again.

Being the broke college student: Rite of passage or worrying trend?

Melanie Buer OPINION EDITOR For as long as I’ve been going to school, there has always been this running joke about the broke college student; sitting...

Issue in the shadows

The last few weeks, gay rights have stolen the stage as the key social issue facing this country.  While the Supreme Court has heard arguments on the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition Eight, conservative states have attacked a separate social issue.  With changing views on gay rights, conservatives have begun looking elsewhere to advance their political agenda.  Since the election, Republicans have tried to find a conservative solution to a changing demographic.  Many have suggested a more moderate stance on social issues could be the answer, but red states continue to stick to their socially conservative core.

Chancellor says we’re great, but now what?

By Jared Kennedy News Editor The State of the University address is a speech given every year by the chancellor to tell the student body and...

Landing that internship

Kenneth Pancake CONTRIBUTOR There are few things that are as important to a college student as an internship. It yields work experience to the intern, it...

MavRide expansion a step in the right direction

By Phil Brown OPINION EDITOR The difficulties of parking on or near the University of Nebraska-Omaha campus have been written about ad nauseum in this paper....

Victory on all sides

Another election has come and gone. Once again, in our biannual celebration of democracy and

freedom, the American people have gone to the polls and exercised their rights to choose their

representatives, mayors, governors and senators. Across the nation, millions of people went to

their respective voting booths and voted to either throw the bums out or let them stay.

Now what?

Exxon Mobil isn’t above the law

Megan Wade ADVERTISING MANAGER In her New York Times article, “Exxon will pay $2.5 million for pollution at Gulf Coast Plants,” Lisa Friedman describes what the...