Rihanna sends fans mixed messages about domestic violence

Recently, Rihanna and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown reconciled for two song collaborations. When rumors of the pair working together first started to fly, the world was shocked.

Darling Girl

"My one regret in life is that I'm not someone else"

 -Woody Allen

Americans lack public outcry in international tragedy

Jessica Wade OPINION EDITOR Three hundred people in Mogadishu, Somalia are dead and hundreds more injured after the country’s deadliest bombing in years. Few people may...

Pick a side or admit bias

This week, I heard a lecture from a journalist who traveled to Iraq as an "embedded journalist." Basically, that means that he traveled with a military unit as he wrote and reported the news.
This has been a fairly common practice since before my time, but there are still journalists who go out on their own to get the story.
A lot of people defend embedded journalism by saying that Iraq, Afghanistan, and other war zones don't offer the safety for a journalist to move freely. I understand and agree; however, journalism is supposed to be objective.

Man buns: Not your average knots of locks

By Kelly Langin, Asst. Copy Editor Man bun. If you’ve heard this term uttered on campus or while surfing the internet for another Buzzfeed personality quiz,...

Mello vs Stothert

After last week’s primary, Health Mello and incumbent Jean Stothert advanced to the May 9 general election with Mello trailing just three points behind Stothert. The...

In-your-Facebook? Politics on social media

  Graphic by Cole Dougherty, Art Director

The devastating cycle of the Jane Crow phenomenon

Ameres Groves CONTRIBUTOR Loving mother Colyssa Stapleton is still trying to figure out where she went wrong. One night, when feeding her 7-month-old daughter Nevaeh, Stapleton...