Facebook: What you ‘like’ they may not…

Facebook has changed the world.  There is unlimited access to loads of information, and we are constantly exposed to the public. It has become a staple in the social life of the majority of students and is a portal for potential employers to seek out personal information about an applicant. 

What would you do with $5.3 billion?

Five point three billion dollars.  That's how much was spent on campaigning in the 2008 election year.  That's more than the GDP of 65 of the nations on Earth.

Hipster culture causes a stir on campus


The hipster subculture can be defined as both a scapegoat for anything that people hate and an upper-middle class rebellion against insincere corporate individualism.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Beyond the Dream

Monday, Jan. 16 is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the national holiday established nearly thirty years ago to honor the life and legacy of the great civil rights leader. Today, we honor him by taking a day off from school (or work, if you're fortunate enough to work for an employer who recognizes the holiday). A master of oratory, King roused his supporters and followers with many powerful speeches, letters and essays.

To beard or Not to Beard?

There are many scholars who debate who the best and worst presidents were in American history. Maybe their foreign policy decisions were disasters, or perhaps it was an economic misstep at home. As a self-labeled promising thinker, partnered with an old friend with a degree in history, we analyzed our presidents with a new variable: facial hair.

What happened to professionalism?

So continues the evaluation of social media's presence in news media.

The Artists

Summer internships allow students to step outside the box

nternships take many forms, some are unpaid, some might give full time hours, others part-time and all have varying responsibilities. What they have in common is a focus on giving students an opportunity to work within fields or skill sets based on interests or career preferences.