Letter from the Editor

Greetings, UNO students, faculty, alumni and all other Gateway readers. Welcome to a brand-new year on campus! Taking over as Editor-in-Chief of the Gateway this fall has been a fresh and exciting start to my sophomore year of college.

Letter to the editor

I recently read an article that was published on Jan. 19, 2011 in regards to the recall that is currently going on in Omaha. I have a few reservations concerning this article.

Letter to the Editor: ‘Embrace this special time in your lives’

Oct. 10, 2015 First, I want to compliment the staff on an outstanding Oct. 6 issue of the Gateway. As a former Gateway editor and...

Parking war rages on, this time with a hit-and-run

Letter to the Editor To whoever sideswiped my car Thursday morning, I can’t tell you what a surprise it was to return to my Honda Civic...

A letter to the Gateway Editor

In his banal and frighteningly incoherent article, staff writer Phil Brown delivered a reaching, under-developed opinion about an issue he hasn’t taken enough time...

UNO alumnus praises Boston efforts, Mav spirit

Opportunities once thought impossible spark pride and gratitude Letter To The Editor As a UNO graduate (Class of 1977), I wanted to say how proud I was about the...

Letter to the Editor

 I'd like to provide some insight and reason in response to the "Occupy" articles that have run recently in the Daily Nebraskan newspaper. Unfortunately, it seems the resounding theme is that of income inequality and the excesses of capitalism. The rich have too much and the poor have too little. So what do the protestors want? What are their demands?