No, I won’t be “eatin’ mor chickn”

Bellevue's new Chick-fil-A is currently under construction, just a mile or so from where I live (as the crow flies). There's been much excitement building ever since the news broke several months ago. People really like their chicken, and apparently there's real demand for fried chicken sandwiches served six days a week.

Gun control reform necessary for public safety

In hindsight of the horrific events that transpired in Aurora, Colo. and other acts of gun violence, there should be greater federal restriction on the types of firearms citizens are allowed to purchase.

From Omaha to Egypt: How to Forget the Pyramids

Mariel Richter CONTRIBUTOR Some people love Egypt for its rich and amazing ancient civilization. If you have a tour guide and endless resources, by all means—go...

Snow tests UNO’s closure procedures

Early this semester, the worst snowstorm of the year swept across Omaha. Weather forecasters predicted over 12 inches of snow overnight, with more expected the next day.

[Opinion Piece] The myth of designing diversity, inclusion

By Matthew C. Stelly CONTRIBUTOR I originally wrote the guts of this article and made the presentation in October of 2000, and presented it at the...

E-cigarettes: the debate between recharge-able remedies, battery-powered bothers

By Nathan Stephenson, Contributor Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity. They’ve made their way into the zeitgeist because they usually produce an odorless, quickly-dissipating vapor—discreet in comparison to cigarette smoke. This...

Soda ban a stride in the right direction


Sodas and sugary drinks are under attack in the big apple! 
Call it what you want, pop, coke, soda, soda-pop, but once March 2013 hits, large sized soft-drinks will be banned in New York City.

Gender in the workplace: Why are we still even having this conversation?

By Kamrin Baker ONLINE REPORTER Socially, we call it many different things: Sexual harassment, workplace harassment, a hostile work environment, a boss that’s a jerk. Or...