Confederate statues should be taken down – not destroyed

Jessica Wade OPINION EDITOR Confederate statues are scattered across the South, and to some Americans they are pieces of the nation’s history. To many, they are...

Egypt and the American Empire

For 30 years, Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt in a reign of oppression, censorship, brutality and torture. After 18 days of mass protests that included violent clashes with police, the Egyptian people toppled a dictator.

UNO Cribs

By Richard Larson, Opinion Editor

Renting textbooks – a cheaper option

A new semester means new expenses. With tuition, fees and textbooks to consider, the costs add up quickly. Besides tuition, textbooks can be the most expensive part of college. Students can easily spend hundreds of dollars on books for one semester alone.

The undoubtable prime feelings of being a dog mother

By Noelle Ashley, Contributor I was in a time of my life when I felt ready to take on the responsibility of supporting another breathing...

Gender in the workplace: “You’re not that strong of a leader, Kami.”

By Kamrin Baker ONLINE REPORTER Towards the end of my freshman year of college, I applied to be a resident assistant on Scott Campus. I was...

Nebraska citizens to vote on death penalty: Repeal should stay in place

Phil Brown SENIOR STAFF WRITER Last year, when the Nebraska State Legislature repealed the use of the death penalty, overriding Governor Ricketts’ veto and achieving bipartisan...