No easy solutions in Middle East

The turbulent conflicts in the Middle East have many complex causes and no easy solutions.

UNO Gateway editor gets exclusive Q&A with former Sen. Jim Webb

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, who is currently weighing a 2016 presidential bid from the Democratic wing, traveled to the University of Nebraska at...

DACA’s affect on UNO “Dreamers”

Grant Sobetski CONTRIBUTOR In the face of the possible impending termination of DACA, NU President Hank Bounds released a statement Sept. 5, 2017 in support of...

Super Tuesday 2016

Bryan Rutan CONTRIBUTOR One of the election season’s biggest nights wrapped up last Tuesday, providing voters with a clearer picture of which candidates may be representing...

VIDEO: Omahans share why President Obama’s visit was important to them

Omahans and UNO students share why it was important to see President Obama speak at Baxter Arena on Wednesday in this 58-second clip. Video...

Politics more than just red and blue

It is amazing that such a diverse nation, with citizens from all over, with differing values and priorities, has produced a government that has essentially been reduced to only two parties.


This election season is drawing to its inevitable conclusion, wherein the American people collectively decide which candidate they want to lead the country for the next four years.

Student government gets underway

UNO Student Government held their second meeting on Thursday, Sept. 13. Student Government meets throughout the school year to propose legislation and various projects to address concerns of UNO students.