Victory on all sides

Another election has come and gone. Once again, in our biannual celebration of democracy and

freedom, the American people have gone to the polls and exercised their rights to choose their

representatives, mayors, governors and senators. Across the nation, millions of people went to

their respective voting booths and voted to either throw the bums out or let them stay.

Now what?

UNO television hosts congressional debate between Terry and Ashford

By Kelly Langin, Contributor Rep. Lee Terry and Sen. Brad Ashford sounded off on minimum wage, crime laws and the importance of teamwork on Sept....

Terry talks campaigning on campus

Congressman Lee Terry brought his campaign talk to the classroom. Terry spoke to students in Richard Fellman's Intro to American Government on why he's running for an eighth term in the House of Representatives. 

Politics more than just red and blue

It is amazing that such a diverse nation, with citizens from all over, with differing values and priorities, has produced a government that has essentially been reduced to only two parties.

UNO alum returns to campaign on campus

UNO alum and Douglas County Treasurer John Ewing visited classes on campus earlier this semester to talk to students. 

Student government gets underway

UNO Student Government held their second meeting on Thursday, Sept. 13. Student Government meets throughout the school year to propose legislation and various projects to address concerns of UNO students.

Gateway article cited by PolitiFact

Jessica Wade Editor-in-Chief The Gateway was one of several sources cited by the independent fact-checker PolitiFact to investigate the validity of a campaign ad distorting Nebraskan...

Student body president candidates go head to head in debate

Elizabeth Stevens CONTRIBUTOR University of Nebraska at Omaha Student Body President Candidates, Carlo Eby and Nigeena Rahmanzai, and vice presidential candidates, Hameidah Alsafwani and Mark Gibbs,...