VIDEO: President Obama Remarks in Omaha

President Obama spoke at the University of Nebraska in Omaha about his agenda for 2016. This trip was the first day of a two-city...

Maverick pursues Omaha city council seat

Cassie Wade NEWS EDITOR University of Nebraska at Omaha junior Grant Sturek aims to jumpstart his political career while still in college by running for district...

Walker personifies Republican education bias

By Phil Brown Opinion Editor While the differences between the two political parties in America may seem—from a certain perspective—to be trivial, there is one particular issue...

UNO television hosts congressional debate between Terry and Ashford

By Kelly Langin, Contributor Rep. Lee Terry and Sen. Brad Ashford sounded off on minimum wage, crime laws and the importance of teamwork on Sept....

Senate candidate visits campus

On September 13th, Republican Senate candidate Deb Fischer spoke to political science professor Richard Fellman's American Government class.

Victory on all sides

Another election has come and gone. Once again, in our biannual celebration of democracy and

freedom, the American people have gone to the polls and exercised their rights to choose their

representatives, mayors, governors and senators. Across the nation, millions of people went to

their respective voting booths and voted to either throw the bums out or let them stay.

Now what?

Politics more than just red and blue

It is amazing that such a diverse nation, with citizens from all over, with differing values and priorities, has produced a government that has essentially been reduced to only two parties.

There’s something rotten in Arizona

Maybe there's something in the water.  Maybe they've spent too much time in the sun.  Or maybe they're just constitutionally incapable of distinguishing right from wrong, but something is clearly wrong with Arizona's most prominent Republican politicians.  Arizona's not known for being the most progressive state in the union; I'm old enough to remember the way they fought against recognizing Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday as a national holiday in the early 1990s.