Meet UNO’s next student body president: Carlo Eby

Cassie Wade NEWS EDITOR Carlo Eby is set to be the next University of Nebraska at Omaha Student Body President after competing in the first election...

UNO alum may be next secretary of defense

UNO alum and former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel is reported to be the leading candidate for secretary of defense.

Walker personifies Republican education bias

By Phil Brown Opinion Editor While the differences between the two political parties in America may seem—from a certain perspective—to be trivial, there is one particular issue...

UNO hosts second debate watch

UNO School of Communication saw a smaller crowd at the second presidential DebateWatch on Oct. 22.

VIDEO: President Obama Remarks in Omaha

President Obama spoke at the University of Nebraska in Omaha about his agenda for 2016. This trip was the first day of a two-city...

Find your political match for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign

By Brianna Olson Online Contributor In anticipation of the Nebraska primary, VoterGuru came up with a new, easy way of pairing readers with presidential candidates whose...

Politics more than just red and blue

It is amazing that such a diverse nation, with citizens from all over, with differing values and priorities, has produced a government that has essentially been reduced to only two parties.