A toss-up in Iowa: Trump upset, Clinton tied

Phil Brown OPINION EDITOR After a tense period of campaigning, hyper-focused marketing and evermore polemic punditry, the first real test of the 2016 Presidential Election came...

UNO alum returns to campaign on campus

UNO alum and Douglas County Treasurer John Ewing visited classes on campus earlier this semester to talk to students. 

Politics more than just red and blue

It is amazing that such a diverse nation, with citizens from all over, with differing values and priorities, has produced a government that has essentially been reduced to only two parties.

Walker personifies Republican education bias

By Phil Brown Opinion Editor While the differences between the two political parties in America may seem—from a certain perspective—to be trivial, there is one particular issue...

Congressman Brad Ashford’s thoughts on President Obama’s visit to Omaha

U.S. Representative Brad Ashford, 2nd Congressional District of Nebraska, Democratic party, shares his thoughts about President Obama's visit to Omaha in this 29-second clip....

DACA’s affect on UNO “Dreamers”

Grant Sobetski CONTRIBUTOR In the face of the possible impending termination of DACA, NU President Hank Bounds released a statement Sept. 5, 2017 in support of...

The Republican Opinion

Get the republican perspective on this years presidential election.