White House takes charges in fighting sexual assault on campuses

While still facing criticism over Obamacare, government shut downs and privacy breaching, the White House recently made a decision that is intended to benefit...

The Republican Opinion

Get the republican perspective on this years presidential election.

Student body president candidates go head to head in debate

Elizabeth Stevens CONTRIBUTOR University of Nebraska at Omaha Student Body President Candidates, Carlo Eby and Nigeena Rahmanzai, and vice presidential candidates, Hameidah Alsafwani and Mark Gibbs,...

Demonstrators gather in response to Kavanaugh controversy

Photos by Maria Nevada/the Gateway Maria Nevada Photo Editor At noon on Sunday, Sept. 20, in the cold and rain, demonstrators gathered on the intersection of 59th and...

Senate candidate visits campus

On September 13th, Republican Senate candidate Deb Fischer spoke to political science professor Richard Fellman's American Government class.

UNO alum returns to campaign on campus

UNO alum and Douglas County Treasurer John Ewing visited classes on campus earlier this semester to talk to students. 

Find your political match for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign

By Brianna Olson Online Contributor In anticipation of the Nebraska primary, VoterGuru came up with a new, easy way of pairing readers with presidential candidates whose...