California rejects pot legalization by vote

One of the hot-button issues for the last few elections has been the legalization of marijuana, especially in California. The state already has a law allowing the use of medical marijuana. If Proposition 19 would have passed it would have allowed for the legal use of pot under recreational circumstances. Fifty-three percent of the electorate voted against the proposition.


Beloved administrative assistant retires

Kamrin Baker ONLINE REPORTER Milk the cows, go to school, attend cheerleading practice, milk the cows again, cheer at the football game… repeat. This was the...

UNO student runs for Bellevue City Council

By Joe Willard  Contributor Thomas Burns leans forward in a plush chair. He has a certain electricity that seems to power him. That electricity is desire,...

Massive MIP arrests at Omaha party

Twenty-six minors received an unwelcome surprise Friday night, when Omaha Police responded to a disturance call reporting at 2211 Maple Street and cited all 26 for minor in possession of alcohol.

Window into a College Professor’s Soul

A professor's office is much more than just a space to do his or her work and meet with students. An office can be a window into his or her personality, as well as a marketing tool.

Library Hero: Student receives Army commendation

Hannah Delzell CONTRIBUTOR Finals week is a stressful time. For many students, studying for finals is a combination of long hours and large quantities of caffeine....

UNO offers lunchtime walking club

Don't let the cold weather stop you from meeting your health goals. Take part in a new indoor walking club being offered at the Wellness...

Students seek “sugar daddies” to pay college expenses

What is the way to a man's heart? The answer to this question is one most ladies have been seeking for far too long, and for young college women, it may be easier than we ever thought.
New reports from the "mutually beneficial relationship" site reveal staggering numbers regarding the prevalence of higher education students in their early to mid twenties seeking a sugar daddy (or daddies) to help soothe the sting of a rippling debt pool in their name.
Founded by entrepreneur Brandon Wade, the site connects sugar daddies (and some sugar mommies) with sugar babies (male or female) looking for compensation or gifts in exchange for companionship.