Group uses holiday to give back

Stuffing soared and fuzz flew in the student center on Feb. 14 as hundreds of students participated in Maverick Productions' second annual "A Beary Happy Valentine's Day," an event where students created their own stuffed animals and cards to be given to patients at Children's Hospital.
From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., nearly 400 students crammed into the Milo Bail Student Center's Fireplace Lounge to make 361 Valentine's Day cards and 61 stuffed animals, which were donated to children at the hospital who have been staying there for long-term treatment or children undergoing emergency procedures.

Officer Pete Coffey balances schoolwork and security duties

By Alina Zwart, Contributor He is trained to do more than dispatch calls about locked-in keys and jump-start cars, but 25-year-old Pete Coffey does it...

Mystery Manor story emits eerie feeling

Though it is now just a commercial haunted house where people dressed in makeup and costumes scare the bejeebers out of customers around Halloween, the story of Mystery Manor is actually pretty bizarre and horrific.

Need laptop repair? No worries the UNO Bookstore can fix it!

The UNO Bookstore will offer smartphone, tablet and laptop repair starting today. The iFixUNO kiosk will be located at the back of the store near the...

Justice Week fundraises against oppression

The University of Nebraska Omaha Justice Week began Oct. 24 and will continue through the end of the week. With the help and support of the International Justice Mission, as well as several campus organizations, the weeklong event hopes to inform students about worldwide oppression and human trafficking.

Black-Jew Dialogues use stories, humor to explore serious problem of hatred

The Black-Jew Dialogues fused personal experiences, theater and comedy to boldly and absurdly tackle issues of hatred and prejudice. The show primarily focused on Ron Jones and Larry Tish describing what it meant for them growing up and living as a black or Jewish American. However, through video and a discussion at the end of the show, the themes of hatred, prejudice, and bigotry as absurdities flowed through and reached out to all types of people.
The show, held on Jan. 23 in the Milo Bail Student Center Ballroom, was co-sponsored by the Schwalb Center for Israel and Jewish Studies and the Department of Black Studies at UNO. Moshe Gershovich used the event as a the first real university event for the Schwalb Center, and invited much of the Jewish community from Omaha to attend. Faculty, students and community members of all ages and ethnicities were in attendance to share in a unique experience of race, religion, gender and orientation prejudices.

UNO proudly gives back to the military

Written by Alex Elfering, Contributor   The University of Nebraska at Omaha will be giving all active duty members of the military free access to the...

UNO student recounts London terror attack

Zachary Mulrenin CONTRIBUTOR I found my way back to Westminster from Greenwich to again visit the ticket office for the Houses of Parliament, as earlier this...