Student Government sees senator changes, passes legislation

Student Government Senators proposed the impeachment of Graduate Student Senator Jeff Wattier at last Thursday's meeting. They did not go through with said impeachment.

Stratcom, NU announce partnership

The bombers that dropped the atomic bombs over Japan were built in Nebraska.  Home to the former Strategic Air Command, and current home to Offutt Air Force Base,  Nebraska houses many important military functionaries and assets. Now, the Nebraska University (NU) system is going to be involved.

Group builds network in underrepresented fields

A new group at UNO is building a network and support system for women in the underrepresented areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Buffett spends day with students

Eighteen UNO students from the School of Communication and the College of Business Administration spent Friday morning and afternoon with Warren Buffett.

Omaha proves successful for recently graduates, according to


Recent University of Nebraska at Omaha graduate Ryan Cook has spent his summer applying his accounting degree.

Heartland Workers Center seeks UNO students to promote Latino youth vote

University of Nebraska at Omaha students are invited to attend a "I Vote for My Family" meeting Thursday, Sept. 19, to get youth leaders from Omaha's Latino community involved in the 2014 election.