Park(ing) Day brings beauty, life to UNO’s student parking lots

Last Friday, seven parking spaces, mostly on Dodge campus and one on Pacific campus, transformed the small concrete areas with plants, exercise equipment, seating and a pig.

Crime Log 4-28-11

Crime Log

Students rally in support of equal employment

Creighton student Eric Juszyk rallied in support of city council's Ben Gray's introduced Equal Employment ordinance  on March 3. The rally began at 11:30 at the  top of Memorial Park as supporters marched to the bridge over Dodge Street. UNO as well as Creighton students were present. Passers-by in favor of the message promoting equality showed their support by honking and giving thumbs-ups, resulting in a positive response for the rally.

Spanish students involved with intercultural projects at Joslyn

UNO students enrolled in Advanced Conversation in Spanish took part in an event at the Joslyn Art Museum giving brief presentations to the public in Spanish. 

Social media page becomes campus “Gossip Girl”

New social media pages, UNO Crushes and UNO Confessions, have become campus "Gossip Girls."

Emergency Management program exceeded expectations

Under the leadership of professor Patrick O'Neil, the Emergency Management program has exceeded expectations in student enrollment.

MAVster Mash raises money for studio updates

Despite the cold, brisk air Wednesday, students with UNO's MavRadio were out yelling, dancing, and gathering up people for their first ever MAVster Mash.  The "Zombie Walk" cake walk gave out prizes for food and movies. "The Walking Bread" bake sale had plenty of treats for a dollar a piece.