CPACS, legislature plan for future of Nebraska

It isn't every day you hear the the words planning and politics used together seriously.  However, after 40 years devoted to community engagement, the College of Public Affairs and Community Service (CPACS) is now researching policy for the Nebraska state legislature to help address the future and plan for it.

Student from Building G continues to plan wedding despite fire

Watching smoke billow into the piercing blue sky and firefighters douse the flames that engulfed her room in Scott Village Building G, Kayla Caumeran...

Emergency Management program exceeded expectations

Under the leadership of professor Patrick O'Neil, the Emergency Management program has exceeded expectations in student enrollment.


Getting that first job in high school can be difficult. Fortunately for some young Omahans, the Service Learning Academy at UNO offers a helping hand.

Students get chance for fun before finals week

Midnight Mojo offered students a break from studying.

Campus group: UNO Bikes

Omaha's cycling community is growing and working to make cycling safer. UNO is working toward that same goal.

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