Thinking off the grid

It's your first semester at UNO and on a bigger campus. It might be intimidating, especially for those of us whose mode of mobility isn't the usual two feet. For those who use wheels to get around, there is additional stress the first few weeks of college. But if you think creatively and try some unique routes, you might feel a bit more confident during your transition to university life.  


Getting that first job in high school can be difficult. Fortunately for some young Omahans, the Service Learning Academy at UNO offers a helping hand.

Women’s Fund partners with UNO to present screening of ‘Miss Representation’

In preparation of it's annual fall Luncheon, the Women's Fund of Omaha held a special screening of it's featured film, "Miss Representation," last Wednesday evening at the UNO Strauss Performing Art Center.

A new “site” to be seen: College of Education debuts new website

The new building provides an impressive visual for all campus visitors, and now, as of last week, their new website provides the same to the world wide web.

A project by people, to candidates

NET, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications, has partnered with the the Nebraska Library Commission for "Campaign Connection 2012:

Fire occurs in University Villiage last week

A fire occurred at a dorm in University Village on the University of Nebraska at Omaha's campus on Tuesday, Oct. 22.

‘Welcome Week’ boosts Maverick pride

The sighting of one swallow doesn't mean it's summer, at least according to Greek philosopher Aristotle.  However, if the great thinker were a UNO student, perhaps he would agree that one Welcome Week does a fall semester make.

Group builds network in underrepresented fields

A new group at UNO is building a network and support system for women in the underrepresented areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).