Times Talk discussion touches on religion and politics

On Feb. 20, Dr. Rory Conces and Dr. Paul Williams of the Religion and Philosophy department moderated a small discussion on how religion and politics work together or, in some cases, against each other.

Social media page becomes campus “Gossip Girl”

New social media pages, UNO Crushes and UNO Confessions, have become campus "Gossip Girls."

Students rally in support of equal employment

Creighton student Eric Juszyk rallied in support of city council's Ben Gray's introduced Equal Employment ordinance  on March 3. The rally began at 11:30 at the  top of Memorial Park as supporters marched to the bridge over Dodge Street. UNO as well as Creighton students were present. Passers-by in favor of the message promoting equality showed their support by honking and giving thumbs-ups, resulting in a positive response for the rally.

CPACS, legislature plan for future of Nebraska

It isn't every day you hear the the words planning and politics used together seriously.  However, after 40 years devoted to community engagement, the College of Public Affairs and Community Service (CPACS) is now researching policy for the Nebraska state legislature to help address the future and plan for it.

Debt after college

With FAFSA submissions due by the beginning of April, students are in the middle of financial aid season. Some may be unaware that if they have taken out a private loan, it can haunt their loved ones even after an untimely death.

Omaha proves successful for recently graduates, according to MSN.com


Recent University of Nebraska at Omaha graduate Ryan Cook has spent his summer applying his accounting degree.