Trash can kids hip-hop: an art revolution

Excitement built as fast as the evening traffic on Jan. 20 as the Uncool prepared for a major all-ages event at the Sandbox. The show started at 7 p.m. Tickets were $6.

Student group campaigns to create a smoke free UNO

Smoke Free UNO is kicking “butts” and taking names—literally. This campaign to make the University of Nebraska at Omaha a smoke free campus has...

Counseling Center prompted to address sexual assualt

By Hannah Gill, Contributor The Red Zone may sound like a section at the Maverick hockey games, but it refers to the period from the...

Gateway headquarters: A collection of treasures and nightmares

  Over the course of 100 years many things can change. People come and go, they get hired and some get fired. Staff members spend...

Student wins dean’s money in essay writing contest

UNO senior Andrew Lescelius received $200 cash from Arts and Sciences Dean Joseph Boocker's pocket last week just in time for the holiday break. 

Lescelius won the money as the first-place award in the Dean Boocker's October essay contest, "Why Should I Sit in on Your Class?"

Crime Log 4-5-11

Crime Log 4-5-11

University of Nebraska at Omaha’s annual campus security report is available

By José Rodríguez CONTRIBUTOR The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Department of Public Safety (UNODPS) published on Oct. 1 the Annual Campus Security and Fire Report...

A story of success

Going through the daily motions of school and becoming adjusted to grueling routines, students often don't stop long enough to appreciate what's at their disposal: the chance to earn a valuable education that in the long run will be beneficial to their future and serve as a catalyst for furthering their careers.