From murky lakes to clear oceans, UNO alumnus becomes underwater photographer

Charlotte Reilly NEWS EDITOR Tim Rock discovered his passion for underwater photography in 1958 when he was 6 years old, watching the TV show “Sea Hunt.” Every...

Crime log: Disturbance, alcohol violation reported at Scott Village

Due to our commitment to keeping our fellow Mavericks safe, The Gateway publishes weekly crime-log updates. These updates are designed to keep people informed on...

Crime Log

Crime log 4-12-11

Campus Security: Dorm robbery a first

The armed robbery that took place Nov. 16 at University Village was unprecedented, said Paul Kosel.

Writer’s Workshop Reading Series – Program gives authors new opportunities

By Ashley Quintela, Contributor It’s that time of year again: the University of Nebraska at Omaha is hosting it’s annual Writer’s Workshop Reading Series put...

UNO researchers speak at autism conference

Asperger's Syndrome, or AS, is a common condition part of a larger subset of developmental disorders collectively known as the autism spectrum. Individuals who have AS are often very intelligent and have focused and narrowly defined interests, but have difficulty understanding and interpreting social cues, such as tone of voice and body language. Often they seem aloof, uncaring or even rude, when in reality they simply don't understand. They must be taught the social skills that their typically developing peers learn naturally, which can be a laborious process.

A Light in the Dark

Once a year, the University of Nebraska at Omaha Women's Resource Center hosts an event called "Take Back the Night," in hopes to raise awareness about sexual abuse in the community.