Bertelsen an active and involved leader on campus

Newly-elected student regent Devin Bertelsen represents UNO not only as student president, but as a diligent and community-involved student.

Speech center hosts plagiarism workshop

Plagiarism is a nasty no-no in the academic world, but discerning plagiarized works is becoming increasingly difficult in the digital age.  

That's why a host of students gathered in the Milo Bail Student Center Dodge Room Oct. 26 to learn the ins and outs of plagiarism during a Lunch and Learn session organized by the UNO Speech Center.

Students who attended were given first-hand lessons on how to evaluate research documents, cite sources within presentations and how to avoid making research mistakes.

Plagiarism is  "particularly reprehensible in a community dedicated to the pursuit and advancement of knowledge," according the UNO website's Student Rights and Responsibilities page.

Students suspected of plagiarism are subject to disciplinary action, and many professors give failing course grades to plagiarizers.

UNO walks for a cure

Students and community members alike gathered at the Sapp Fieldhouse April 8 for UNO's Sixth Annual Relay for Life.

Pipeline’s fate still murky

It's still "too early to tell" the fate of the Keystone XL Pipeline, said Duane Hovorka, executive director of the Nebraska Wildlife Federation, in an interview with the Gateway last week.


Pipeline finds way into UNOrthodox speech

The Keystone XL pipeline is spilling into just about every discussion in Nebraska these days.

Crime Log 9-8-11

Crime log of events on campus 9-8-11.

Crime Log 8-9

A list of crimes reported on campus published August 9, 2011.

Pep Bowl sidewalk notice

The Facility Management & Planning office announces starting today, July 18, at 9 a.m. the sidewalk between Sapp Fieldhouse and Allwine Hall to the Pep Bowl will be closed to any foot traffic. It is expected to re-open Monday, July 23.
Questions? Contact Bob Fuder at 402-554-2284.