Crime Log

Welcome Week brings entertainment, opportunities to students

Welcome Week was in full swing in the Milo Bail Student Center Plaza last week. It gave students days and nights filled with entertainment.

MavPro hamster balls bring students to the pep bowl

On Thursday, Sept. 12, Maverick Productions hosted a special event for students.

Examining the role of women in politics

The mayoral primary is over, but the campaign trail was marked by some ugly politics in Nebraska, even by national standards.

Student’s scare brings no security changes

A little after 9:30 p.m June 6, UNO graduate Laura Aust left her first class as a graduate student.  Because she didn't have a permit, Aust had parked along the one-way road just down the hill on the East side of the Arts and Sciences building.  It was light out when she parked, but Aust discovered that after dark the one-way Elmwood Park service road was an unsettling place to be.


Chancellor Christensen outlines upcoming academic year

In his 35th year at UNO and his sixth year as Chancellor, Dr. John Christensen is looking forward to this year. It's another year to remind students that the number one priority of the university is to be student-centered.

Gallery marks anniversary of Bethsaida

Seasoned photographer Hanan Shafir has been published in numerous journals, magazines and other publications and has held seminars across the globe.

Students, faculty push for inclusive benefits

A tremendous effort pushing for the University of Nebraska's adoption of Employee Plus One Benefits has been embraced system-wide—at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, the University of Nebraska Kearney, the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the University of Nebraska Omaha—with hopes of bringing the issue to this month's Board of Regents meeting, where university decision makers could vote on the policy.