Langan’s legacy is his vision

Because John Langan seemed to know everyone on campus, it always seemed to take him twice as long to get to his destination.

Interior Design holds significance and special meaning

Atop the row of cabinets that line the wall behind Senior Vice Chancellor B.J. Reed's office conference area sit multiple photos of Reed's favorite travel destination - Scotland.

Nebraska Pop Festival redefines pop music

The last time I checked, ukuleles were not a common ingredient in today's pop music culture. Several musicians made a strong case for the tiny stringed instrument during the Nebraska Pop Music Festival show last Friday night.

Omaha Fashion Week’s spring show struts to Kaneko

Named one of the 10 "coolest" Midwest cities by earlier this year, Omaha absolutely deserves the title.
Coming far from being considered a "beef-infused" farm state, the Omaha metro has become a petri dish for culture and creativity, encouraging entrepreneurship and professional advancement.

O’Connor, Harrell voted new student president/regent and vice president

Junior political science major Liz O'Connor and senior sociology and political science major Bret Harrell were voted student president/regent and vice president following Tuesday's election. The pair defeated their opponents, senior geology major Ryan Tefft and senior accounting major Eric Hansen, by 401 votes.

UNO researchers publish report on Nebraska Hispanic population

By Kaitlin Vickers, Contributor The number of Hispanics in Nebraska has dramatically increased throughout the years, but within the last year, it has not been...

Food for thought

UNO and Blackburn High School students cooked up a Thanksgiving feast for the elderly at the Adams Park Community Center on Wednesday. The program, "Food for Thought," brings together generations of people, from all sorts of backgrounds to serve the greater Omaha community.

Maverick Food Pantry aims to eliminate hunger at UNO

By Brooke Criswell Online Content Manager More than 200 United States colleges operate food pantries as food insecurity is becoming more evident on campuses. University of...