Group hopes for university, student involvement in donation effort

UNO's Staff Adivsory Council is working with other colleges and universities to collect school supplies, particularly rulers, for The Salvation Army and KETV's Back to School Backpack Program.

Spirit of compassion key part of 9/11 Remembrance Day

Tragedies are remembered and paid tribute to in many different ways

Students stalled as semester starts

On Tuesday, Jan 10, only two days into the spring semester, all students holding access to campus parking garages were unable to gain admittance to park their cars. The incident lasted until after 4 p.m. Wednesday.  Anyone who had purchased access had to go to Parking Services and have their MavCard copied to restore its function.

Palestine in my heart: learning about Palestinian people, culture

Israelis and Palestinians have been in diplomatic and violent conflict for well over 50 years. Disillusionment with peace in the Middle East dominates the minds of many.  

Stratcom, NU announce partnership

The bombers that dropped the atomic bombs over Japan were built in Nebraska.  Home to the former Strategic Air Command, and current home to Offutt Air Force Base,  Nebraska houses many important military functionaries and assets. Now, the Nebraska University (NU) system is going to be involved.

What questions do you have for our new Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and...

With the appointment of a new senior vice chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, UNO students posed their questions and concerns to the Gateway. Responses follow from Reed.

World record slips away from UNO sliders

On August 26, UNO Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization invited students and community members to the UNO Pep Bowl in an attempt to break a world record for the largest number of people on a Slip'n'Slide at one time. In order to break the record, UNO needed 250 people on the slide at once. This goal was not reached; however, a good time was had by everyone in attendance.