Constitution week encourages understanding

The Department of Political Science hosted two events, in recognition of Constitution week, a livecast panel on the Emancipation Proclamation on Monday, Sept. 17 and a Thursday, Sept. 20 lecture by Notre Dame professor Peri Arnold on the 1912 presidential election.

Students get chance for fun before finals week

Midnight Mojo offered students a break from studying.

Documentary shows the hard work of indie game design

The new breed of starving artists in the 21st century are the indie game developers.

Students move-in begins college experience

Students moved into the dorms Aug. 14, marking an unofficial beginning to the new school year.

Group builds network in underrepresented fields

A new group at UNO is building a network and support system for women in the underrepresented areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

‘Welcome Week’ boosts Maverick pride

The sighting of one swallow doesn't mean it's summer, at least according to Greek philosopher Aristotle.  However, if the great thinker were a UNO student, perhaps he would agree that one Welcome Week does a fall semester make.

Student Government sees senator changes, passes legislation

Student Government Senators proposed the impeachment of Graduate Student Senator Jeff Wattier at last Thursday's meeting. They did not go through with said impeachment.