Bounds chosen as NU President, Life-long educator brings experience and high hopes to Nebraska

By Jackson Taylor, News Editor After a long and much-anticipated wait, the University of Nebraska school system has a new president. After two hours of...

Looking back

Despite high profile jobs and a very public life, former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel tries to remain private.

"I think keeping a little corner for yourself is really important to keep yourself balanced rather than trying to be on the stage all the time and trying to deal with the glare of publicity," Hagel said.

But that "glare of publicity" has been stronger than ever. And it's likely to continue as Hagel was nominated by President Barack Obama for secretary of defense on Jan. 7. 

Local independent film festival to highlight petroleum crisis

The power of the film "A Crude Awakening - The Oil Crash" is fueled by the visions of director Basil Gelpke and producer Ray McCormack as they explore the global peak in petroleum production through data, predictions and key historical facts. From producing clean tap water to driving to work, petroleum is seen as the fuel of the modern human race. It's a relevant film, considering the recent BP oil spill that ravished much of the Gulf of Mexico and the world's dependency on petroleum.

Pipe bombs found near campus

Just before 9:45 a.m. Thursday, a man walking his dog through Memorial Park discovered a PVC pipe bomb in the creek and promptly called the Omaha Police Department to report it. Upon inspection, bomb technicians determined it wasn't just a pipe bomb.
It was a pipe bomb inside of a pipe bomb inside of another pipe bomb.

UNO students wage DACA protest

Grant Sobetski CONTRIBUTOR Dozens of University of Nebraska at Omaha students waged a march and protest across two of UNO’s campuses on Thursday against the recent...

VIDEO: Nebraska Senator wants NGO’s to think twice about Refugee Resettlement Marin Krause Contributor “I think that if this bill was passed two years ago, I wouldn’t be standing here,” says Shafiq Jahish, who was granted a...

UNO alumna helps build dreams

In the early 1980s, then-student Viv Ewing invested much of her time helping improve peers', family's and fellow students' life quality. Today, as a UNO alumna, she's as busy serving others, working as the director of human resources and organization development at Habitat for Humanity Omaha and holding several leadership positions on various boards and councils.


UNO alumni to open Legends Patio Bar and Grill in former Venice Inn location

By Stefan Snijiders, Contributor Local business owners Nick and Jamie Saldi are looking forward to expand their business, particularly because this expansion will come in close proximity to their...