Cycling challenge provides more than competition

Cycling is becoming more and more popular. People are cycling for fun and even to commute.

Bring out your brightest bike accessories for the third annual Owl Ride

The 16-mile bike ride, scheduled for Saturday, July 14, is the largest annual night bike ride between Chicago and Denver. Over 2,000 cyclists are expected to participate, including groups from UNO. 

Local independent film festival to highlight petroleum crisis

The power of the film "A Crude Awakening - The Oil Crash" is fueled by the visions of director Basil Gelpke and producer Ray McCormack as they explore the global peak in petroleum production through data, predictions and key historical facts. From producing clean tap water to driving to work, petroleum is seen as the fuel of the modern human race. It's a relevant film, considering the recent BP oil spill that ravished much of the Gulf of Mexico and the world's dependency on petroleum.

Oversized greeting card gets students’ attention

Students caught a glimpse of the Freshman Leadership Council (FLC) last week, as they stood both inside and outside the student center with an oversized greeting card, urging passersby to write messages for incoming freshmen.  The greeting card, which will be presented to incoming freshmen this fall, is a new idea the FLC hopes to make a UNO tradition.

UNO grads spring into the future

More than 1,700 UNO students became alumni this spring.  Of those 1,700, more than 900 participated in what was the largest UNO commencement ceremony yet, held May 6 at the Civic Auditorium.


11th annual Seven Days of Service

Over the last several years, the Student-Community Leadership and Service Department at UNO has developed a tradition of mission-driven service by partnering with local nonprofit organizations to create organized days of volunteer work and community service. Volunteers from all over Omaha and surrounding communities join together during these service days, giving their time and energy in celebration of local and global causes.

In the loop: Hygiene is the key to prevention

Following an outbreak of bedbugs in University of Nebraska Lincoln's housing this January, UNO Student Health Services Director Marcia Adler spoke about the topic of bed bugs and our community here at UNO.  Adler said prevention through vigilant hygienic practices is a vital component of maintaining a healthy home environment, whether you live in a dorm at University Village, an apartment or find yourself seasonally traveling abroad.  

Chi Omega turns cupcakes into charity

The University of Nebraska Omaha chapter of the Chi Omega sorority teamed with Jones Bros. cupcakes for a successful charity event Sunday that raised nearly $1000 in free-will donations  and featured balloon animals, face painting, a magician, a custom cupcake and a raffle.