Campus security closely examined after Sandy Hook

Horrible school shootings such as the Columbine, Virginia Tech, or Sandy Hook events lead to heightened concern about the safety and security of the places where we spend our time. These events are devastating, but fortunately are less common than many other crimes and emergencies. Tornadoes, winter storms, chemical spills, fires and others are all potential threats, but UNO's Campus Security and Crisis Management Team have plans to address each. They are all available online and are worth being aware of as the new semester begins.

Kayser Hall gets a new start

Kayser Hall housed the University of Nebraska Omaha's College of Education for 40 years. With the recent renovation of Roskens Hall, Kayser Hall now has other uses.   

“Be The Match”, Save a Life

Megan Wade CONTRIBUTOR Imagine being able to save someone’s life just by donating bone marrow. According to the Be The Match website, every year over 12,000...

Dr. Pepper gives away a chance of a lifetime

UNO Sophomore Will Gottner was casually browsing the internet for scholarships when he chanced upon one that would garner him life-changing results.

Small Midwest coffee business thrives with help from UNO student

By Jackson Taylor, News Editor A student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha has been instrumental in the success of a Midwest small business. One of six...

UNO student chosen as U.S. Olympic Curling Trials photographer

Charlotte Reilly NEWS EDITOR University of Nebraska at Omaha student Bradley Collett was able to photograph the U.S. Olympic Curling Trials at Baxer Arena November 11...

The Creative Production Lab

Jared Kennedy  News Editor The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s new Creative Production Lab is securely settled into its new location, and is ready to help...

Student finds new mode of transportation

The last time Jolene Holland rode a bike was when she was a child. When she outgrew bike riding, her bike got buried away in the garage.