Milo Bail Student Center renovations have begun

It's about time, people. The Milo Bail Student Center will get a face lift and several much needed building improvements - including a new heating...

UNO’s online presence gets a new look

This week, UNO's website took on a new look. New templates, layouts and photos are being incrementally added, but many may not know exactly how much time went into these changes.
Early last semester, Erin Owen took over as the director of the Office of Marketing, and previewed changes that include the black, UNO-branded shuttle buses and mail trucks, and now the new website.

For the Record

In the article "Insecure about Campus Security," published on April 19 in the Opinion Section, Paul Kosel's name was misspelled. The Gateway apologizes for this error.

Student’s brave battle with brain cancer

Cassie Wade NEWS EDITOR College often presents many challenges for students, but few have had to overcome the obstacles faced by University of Nebraska at Omaha...

Dr. Jack Heidel, chair of UNO Math department running against Lee Terry

"I'm Jack Heidel.  I'm running for Congress in the Republican primary.  My platform is to eliminate the deficit and the incumbent, Lee Terry, is not doing anything about it." A fiscally conservative candidate, Heidel incorporated a touch of humor to his stance, alluding to the sarcasm of obvious conventions he must follow to represent his campaign.

Voices of Survival: Event draws attention to past atrocities, encourages change

Sophie Clark CONTRIBUTOR Dieudonne Manirakiza, a refugee from Burundi, helps Kitty Williams, a Holocaust and Auschwitz survivor, onto the stage. Fatima, a Syrian refugee, follows closely...

Shedding “The Freshman 15”

Trent Ostrom CONTRIBUTOR For many students entering college, “The Freshman 15” is something they likely experience. While this is an unfortunate situation, there is still the...

Mascots come under fire in Native American lecture

UNO celebrated Native American Heritage Month with a lecture titled "If REDSKINS are illegal...why not these mascots?" pointing out the racism of team mascots named after Native Americans, supposedly in their honor.